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Beata Bruggeman-Sekowska interviewed about EIOCO by Polish news

On March 18 Beata Bruggeman-Sekowska, president of EIOCO,  was interviewed by Polish news broadcasting internationally. She elaborated on the vision, […]

The Iron Curtain, Churchill’s speech 75 years ago

    By Patrick van Schie   On March 5, 1946, Winston Churchill gave a speech  in Fulton, a city […]

Real life in the Soviet Union under Stalin

Disclosures by an Experience Expert in 1946-47: Victor Kravchenko’s I Chose Freedom   By Patrick van Schie   In April […]

100th anniversary of the Soviet Occupation of Georgia in 1921

100 years ago, on February 25th of 1921, the Soviet 11th Red Army entered Tbilisi, Georgia. February 25th, thus, went […]

Kennan’s “Long Telegram” sent 75 years ago

By Patrick van Schie On February 22, 1946, a telegram arrived from Moscow at the US State Department. The author, […]

Celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Day of the Defenders of Freedom in Lithuania under exceptional conditions

On Wednesday, 13 January, at 9.55 a.m., while commemorating the 30th anniversary of the defence of the restored independence of […]

The 30th anniversary of the defence of the restored independence of Lithuania

On the 13th of January victims of the Soviet military aggression of 1991 are commemorated. The candle, as symbol of […]

Why do many Western intellectuals flirt with communism?

Review of: Raymond Aron, The Opium of the Intellectuals (1st publication in French, 1955) Patrick van Schie   Nowhere in […]

Gift of the Soviet people to the Polish nation

By Agata Szostkowska The tallest building in Poland, the eighth tallest building in the European Union and in a Top-20 […]

Patrick van Schie on Dutch radio about some political terms

On Monday, October 5, vice-chairman Patrick van Schie, in his position as director of the Telders Foundation, was a guest […]