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This war has never been honestly accounted for

By Roger MOORHOUSE   September 1 is the conventional start date for the European war.  But little in life is […]

The Hungarian Uprising, October 23 to November 4, 1956

By Patrick van Schie   65 years ago, an uprising against communist rule took place in Hungary. It was not […]

MDM and Constitution Square in Warsaw remnants of communist past and witness of freedom

By Beata Bruggeman-Sekowska When you are in the capital city of Poland Warsaw you definitely cannot miss Marszałkowska Residential District […]

Mass grave from the Stalin era found in Ukraine

The remains of between 5,000 and 8,000 victims of communist terror were found in 29 graves in the southern city […]

Last doomed propaganda campaign of a dying communist regime

Interview by Beata Bruggeman-Sękowska with David Hill and Ilona Karwinska, directors of ‘Neon Muzeum’ in Warsaw, first and only museum […]

EIOCO visits General Ryszard Kukliński Museum in Warsaw

On August 6 our board represented by Beata Bruggeman-Sękowska and Aloys Bruggeman visited the General Ryszard Kukliński Museum in Warsaw […]

Statement of the Mayor of Poznań on 65th anniversary of Poznań uprising

Mr Jacek Jaśkowiak, mayor of Poznań prepared an exclusive statement for EIOCO on the 65th anniversary of Poznań uprising.   […]

Poznań protests of 1956

By Beata Bruggeman-Sekowska   65 years ago on the 28 June of 1956, at 6 a.m. Poznań ( city in […]

Milada Horáková murdered by communists

By Beata Bruggeman-Sekowska   Milada Horáková was a lawyer, politician who was convicted on fabricated charges of conspiracy and treason […]

Lithuania Remembers

By Beata Bruggeman-Sekowska On June 14 Lithuania marks the Day of Mourning and Hope, and the Day of Occupation and […]